Monday, 9 February 2015

IT Security - One of the Three Major Threats Posed To Businesses Today

Evolving technology is as much of a threat to businesses as beneficial. While digitization has helped us lessen inventory and go digital, it has also increased the chances of confidential information leaking.

Let us look at the few most important threats that businesses are facing today.
• Hiring apt and appropriate candidates in a firm is getting tougher with time. A lot of resources get wasted in hiring the wrong people and a firm can never grow without the right kind of workforce.
IT security is the biggest challenge organisations are facing today. With technology available to everyone, information trading has become quite popular. It is important to make the employees an integral part of an organisation to protect the firm from such threats.
• Third problem is unreasonable regulatory nightmares. Regulations changing overnight can challenge the entire functioning of an office.
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